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For Effective Alcohol and Drug Assessments, Call: 888-781-7060, We have never had our Assessments Questioned!

Learn From the Mistakes of Others

Don't be a victim any longer! Choose an Evaluator that will treat you with respect, professionalism and give you a very fair analysis of your condition at a very fair price! Don't get caught up in paying more for assessments and classes than is necessary. Of course, you want to good product and since we have never had any complaints, you will only get quality work that will show the reality of your condition.

Go to this page to hear what Mac has learned from other that have chosen the wrong alcohol and drug assesment and evaluation "professionals". Click Here

Learn more about Mac and see why you can trust him to help you with your Alcohol Assessment or your Drug Assessment.Call him at 888.781.7060 and he will happily go over your needs and to see if this is a good matcfh. Mac has worked with hundreds of clients like you over nearly 4 decades and he understands what it is like to be without much money and still having the pressures of needing an Evaluation.

  • Need an Alcohol and Drug Assessment?
  • Need Professional Assessment and Quickly?
  • Need Illinois Out-of-State Petitioner Alcohol/Drug Evaluation Uniform Report...One of the most difficult, but we have all successes!
  • A Licensed Evaluator will Assess Your Potential for addiction using the SASSI-3 and two other Assessment Instruments, eg. ASI, MAST and TAAD
  • Probation/Court Ordered Alcohol and Drug Assessments
  • Qualified Clinical DUI/DWI Assessments
  • Court Testimony, if needed
  • We Work on a Sliding Scale Because We Care About Our Clients!

If your legal problem happened in Oklahoma or if you live in Oklahoma and your legal problem is in Texas, you have the right place. We are licensed in Oklahoma..go to this site...Click HERE., for DUI's in Arlington, Texas Click HERE, for DWI/DUIs in Austin, Texas, Click HERE, for DWI/DUIs in Bryan, Texas, Click HERE, for Dallas, Texas DWI/DUIs, Click HERE, for Denton, Texas, Click HERE, for DWI/DUIs in El Paso, Click HERE

  • Do you feel that you are being bullied by the system?
  • Do you feel that no one cares what you want or need?
  • Do you feel that you have no choices? Have you waited until the last minute? We understand.

WELCOME TO Texas Drug Rehab's ALCOHOL AND DRUG ASSESSMENT PAGE... A Licensed Professional Will Perform an Assessment Using the Appropriate Evaluative Instruments to satisfy probation/parole, courts, employers or families ...This can all be done over using SKYPE or in person with a detailed evaluation report sent to you the same day, if necessary, but always within two days.

Our evaluation are backed by 25 years of experience with the highest level of licensed alcohol and drug counselors who are also certified supervisors of other evaluators and counselors.

Our evaluations have never been questioned by any of the agencies where they were sent.

Be very careful of getting evaluations from less qualified or unlicensed examiners. You want the truth and not someone trying to sell a continued need for more classes or other services. Our years of experience have taought us that the system is not easy on you. You will find this is not the case with our group!

Call for a Free Consultation. We are dedicated to giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Just a reminder, if you have to do alcohol and drug classes, I may be able to help you with those as well. Just give me a call and we will go over the details. Thanks! Mac