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Austin Texas Alcohol Drug Evaluations

Austin Texas Alcohol Drug Evaluations DUI DWI Assessments

If you are in Austin Texas or surrounding areas, and need Alcohol Drug Evaluations DUI DWI Assessments, or any legal or personal reasons, you will get fair and unbiased alcohol drug Evalutions from a licensed counselor with over 35 years of Clinical Experience.

Anyone in Austin Texas needing Alcohol Drug Evaluations or dui dwi Assessments, Call on Our Help! We have a proven track record that shows that we serve our clients better than any other organizaitons doing this type of work in your area.

  • Can be completed and in your hands in 24 hours.
  • Fee based on a slidiing scale.
  • Our Austin Texas Alcohol Drug Evaluations dui dwi Assessments have never been refused.
  • Our Evaluations are trusted by Pilots how need assessments for the FAA.
  • We have done over 600 in the past four years, without any complaints.
  • We completely guarantee our work and the acceptance of our alcohol and drug assessments/evaluations.
  • Everyone has been happy and we are too!
  • One of the few places that will do the Illinois Out-of-State Petitioner Alcohol/Drug Evaluation Uniform Report

If you have been cited for a DUI or DWI in Austin or surrounding areas or anywhere in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisana or other surrounding states, call and get advice from Mac, our licensed counselor supervisor, who is semi-retired, but still does alcohol and drug assessments and evaluations with a 100% success in those that he has done since he started three years ago.

BUYER BEWARE: Clients have told us that they went to local providers, many times a treatment center, for their assessments and evaluations and have been "up-sold" and told they need to be enrolled in an Intensive Outpatient program or other expensive and unnecessary treatment. Mac found that these same clients need no counseling or classes whatsoever! Don't let this happen to you. Call and tell Mac about your specific case and he will either take care of your needs personally, or he will refer you to ethical and reputable providers.

The courts are impressed with the PITA Group's evaluations and there are many that can attest to their satisfaction. Mac is semi-retired; he can afford to do evaluations, and that means you get an assessment that is well received by the courts or probation becasue it is thorough, done at a level of professional expertise that is higher than they are accustomed to seeing and the results are not a surprise to you. All evaluations are sent to the clients for their approval before they are delivered to the authorities.

If you have an addiction problem, then Mac can lead you to an appropriate treatment provider that are effective with proven results. No one wants to get multiple DUIs and hurt yourself and/or others.

Many of our clients are caught with possession of marijuana or other illicit substances and their problem is that they had a lapse in good judgement and are not addicted to drugs. Mac can discern the difference and will protect you from the false impression that you have an addiction disease and need extensive treatment.

The state of Texas has a driving-under the influence problem and Mac has worked his entire professinal life to help address these issues. Most first-time offenders find that the citation or the conviction is enough to correct their error. They admit that they were wrong and will never make the same mistake again. However, sometimes a person believes that they will never make this mistake again, but they do. If this is your case, then it maybe that you need help to find out what is causing you to sabotage your better judgement and self-interest. It maybe that you are addicted and need professional help to resolve that problem or it maybe something else in your life that needs to be handled. The benefit of a good alcohol or drug assessment or evalution is to find the "why" that is causing the problem and give you awareness of that issues and a means by which you can overcome this problem before it causes futher damage to your life.

Mac will be happy to go over the best way that you can address your problem. He works closely with many attorneys and helps them to understand the best way to present your case to the courts so that you get what is wanted and needed and not be the effect of decissions made without the proper history, diagnosis and other factors that will lead to a sane decision.

Other evaluators are not always looking for a way to make the a profit out of your bad luck, but their lack of expreience and working in a programs that offers many other services slants their point-of-view. You many need to take classes and/or counseling to better your future, but it should make total sense to you and not be done under your protest.

We believe that you can learn from your mistakes and unless you are compulsively addicted and can't make rational decisions, then most of the learning and education about what you have done has already happened. All of us make mistakes, but it is helpful to have the advice of someone that has seen what is most effective and help you look in the right directions.

There are hundreds of people throughout Texas and especially in the Austin, Texas and surrounding hill-country area that have found how easy it is to partnership with Mac and Texas Drug Rehabs' Alcohol/Drug assessments to get a finished, professional and highly qualified assessment/evaluation to ease the pain of their pending DUI/ DWI, possession case, child custody, divorce settlement, or whatever your specific needs may be.

We advice you to call and talk to Mac and see if it doesn't make sense to let him help you. His record speaks for itself, but he can personally assure you about any of your anxieties or concerns.