Rehab Codeofethics

PITA Group, Inc., Code of Ethics

PITA Group Code of Ethics

I hereby acknowledge and accept the PITA Group's Code of Ethics by attesting to the following:

  1. I shall uphold the legal and accepted moral Codes which pertain to professional conduct, and specifically, I shall not become intimately involved with past or present clients.
  2. I shall respect the rights of all clients regardless of sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, race, color, religion or economic condition.
  3. I shall protect the integrity of the counseling relationship and provide competent and effective treatment to all.
  4. I recognize the need for ongoing education as being part of my professional competency.
  5. I shall not disclose confidential client information without the appropriate executed consent.
  6. I shall treat colleagues with respect, fairness and courtesy and will afford the same to all professionals, no matter their philosophical differences.
  7. I shall confront professional ethical outpoints that I identify in other professionals and organizations and will take appropriate actions in correcting such problems.
  8. I shall defend my colleagues when they are wrongly accused or sanctioned.
  9. I shall, in all my practices, be mindful of our environment and do the right actions to repair the harm that threatens all life.
  10. I believe that man is a spiritual being, is basically good and that I am professionally obligated to help individuals restore their natural kindness and love for themselves, others and their environment.
  11. My goal is to use clinical practices that lead to alcohol and drug-free clients, without the use of any drugs, excepting detox.

This Code of Ethics is signed by all professionals that are certified by the PITA Group, Inc. Violation of any of these codes will automatically start the hearing process to determine the facts surrounding the accusation. The President of the PITA Group will convene the Board of Directors and the facts will be revealed in the timely fashion. Depending on the level of misconduct, the Board will recommend a course of actions.

All accusations will be filled in writing. The Board will act on any violations within 10 working days with sanctions being applied as appropriate. All certified professionals will have an opportunity to counsel and will have the opportunity to regain their status. Please report any violations to our office.