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Methamphetamine, Crystal Meth or Meth Drug Rehab in Texas

What are the Prenatal Effects of Meth, Crystal Meth Or Methampetamines?

If you know an expectant mother who is doing methamphetamines or crystal meth, she may not knos that she may be causing brain abnormalities in her unborn child. This research data was published in the "Journal of Neuroscience" on 03/17/2010, which shows the impact of meth use that had previously been undocumented.

Previous research has shown that crystal meth alters fetal brain development but this later research showed the exact brain structure that are most vulnerable and how these changes will cause learning and behavior problem later in the child's development. These children were compared to those who were not exposed to meth and there was a significant difference.

Most people are aware of the FAS Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and the long-term effects that alcohol plays on a developing fetus, but this latest study from UCLA shows that prenatal meth exposure is more sever than alcohol and more severe than had been previously thought. In localizing the areas that are most effected by crystal meth or other methamphetamines, researchers have found that the memory, motor control and motivation was one of the regions of the brain that was more reduced by meth use than from alcohol exposure.

According to statistics from the National Surveys on Drug Use and Health, there are 19,000 pregnant women, over the age of 12, using methamphetamines. Complicating and compounding these health problems, about half of these women admit to using alcohol along with their meth use. These new brain scans have determined the specific brain structures that are smaller in alcohol-exposed children, which leads to lower IQ and the tremendous challenges of this nature in facing a life of retardation.

This research is important so that medicine can try to develop rehabilitation methods that can restore these impairments, but the message is even louder for those of us that work in the Drug Prevention field. It is important that anyone who knows a woman using meth, should make them aware of these dangers and find effective drug rehab for their problem.

History has shown that addiction will overpower the logic to not use when she is pregnant. Many women will justify their use by saying that the are on the "pill" or using smart contraception, but people that are on drugs don't follow through with these types of behaviors and they do get pregnant.

Women of childbearing years that are addicted to meth should seek appropriate treatment solutions that will stop them from committing a moral crime against their offspring that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. In seeking the best programs to protect the fetus, the biophysical program are by far-and-away the most effective. They also remove the residue of the meth that is in the fat tissue that will cause further program even after the woman is no longer addicted.

Once the child has been born and one finds that they have brain damage from alcohol or meth use, there is still hope in using hyperbaric medicine that has proven to stimulate brain growth in some of these highly sensitive areas of the brain. These therapies are very costly and not available to most people and not usually funded by insurance companies.

Anyone that is contemplating these problem in society, will easily see that perhaps some of the downgrading of our society, its education standards and other similar issues could easily be caused by so many people using chemical remedies to handle life's stresses and other issues.

These is also strong evidence that psychiatric medications should not be given to childbearing women as well since these "medicines" are just as damaging as meth, but the research on these is mostly suppressed to keep from hurting pharmaceutical company profits.

The main message here is that we must continue to fight the epidemic nature of meth use in our society. It would only take a caring and intelligent congress to ban the manufacture of ephedrine, the raw product that is used to make meth. Ephedrine is found in many over-the-counter medications and it is easily extracted from these medicines and used with other chemicals to make methamphetamines.

Our prisons are full of people who have been making these drugs for easy profits, but whenever there is an arrest and conviction, there are always others that take their place. If the raw products were illegal, this would solve this problem. This same approach was used with other drugs that have been proven to have a high down-side effect on society than their use, and this case can certainly be made for Ephedrine. Call your representatives' offices and let them know about this problem and ask for their support. Especially if you live in high-meth use areas, like most of the Southern U.S.