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Need an Alcohol or Drug Evaluation for a DUI or DWI or any other legal reason? 888.781.7060. You will get the most fair and unbiased Evalutions from a licensed counselor with over 35 years of Clinical Experience.

If you have been told that you need to get an alcohol or drug evaluation or assessment, then you are at the right place. We have done over 500 in the past three years and none have been refused. Houston Texas DWI Assessments are done with 24 hours, if needed.

Call on Mac. He got his MSW from the University of Houston and has served his communiy for years.

  • Many are done the same day you call.
  • We set our fees based on the assessment
  • None of our Assessments have ever been Denied.
  • We use the same format that we use for Commercial Pilots for the FAA.
  • Let us prove to you why we are the best, the easiest and the least expensive.

If you have been cited for a DUI or DWI in Houston, Texas or anywhere in Texas or Oklahoma, or the neighboing states, you should call and get advice from Mac, our licensed counselor supervisor, who is semi-retired, but still does Houston Texas DWI assessments and evaluations with a 100% success in those that he has done since he started two years ago.

Mac has found clients that have gone to local treatment centers for their evaluations and have been "up-sold" and told they need to be enrolled in an Intensive Outpatient program. People that Mac found need no counseling or classes whatsoever!

You won't find people with a resume like Mac's doing evaluations. Since he is semi-retired, he can afford it and what it means to you, is an assessment that is well received by the courts or probation becasue it is thorough, professional and "real".

If you have an addiction problem, then Mac can lead you to the most appropriate treatment center for you to decide if that is what you want. No Hard Sell. You don't need to get multiple DUIs and hurt yourself or someone else. But, if you don't have a problem, he won't create one for you. He will make it clear that you made a mistake, but have learned from that mistake and won't do it again.

If you just made a judgement error and got caught, Mac can discern the difference and will protect you from those that will make you and your loved ones believe that you have a chronic and progressive addictive disease and need hours and years of help.

Texas has a driving-under the influence problem and Mac has worked his entire professinal life to help address this issue, but that doesn't mean that everyone who receives and DWI is a chronic alcoholic and needs to be restricted from driving and put into alcohol and drug treatment.

Call and talk to the wisdome and sanity that comes from a seasoned professional who gets his personal rewards from helping others do well. Mac will never over-diagnose your problem.

Other evaluators are not always looking for a way to make the most of your bad luck, but their lack of expreience and working in a program that offers many other services slants their point-of-view and more people that get evaluations from these types of programs are enrolled in classes and counseling that they might not need.

We believe that you can learn from your mistakes and unless you are compulsively addicted and can't make rational decisions, then most of the learning and education about what y ou have done has already happened.

We advice you to listen to Mac and see if it doesn't make sense to let him help you.

Go to this page to hear what Mac has learned from other that have chosen the wrong alcohol and drug assesment and evaluation "professionals". Click Here

Call now at 888-781-7060 and see for yourself.