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As it says under the caption of the young woman who has been shopping addictively, there more in Allen then discount malls, but it is a center of commerce that helps the city financially, but with it comes drug-trafficing as well. There are plenty of cases of methamphetamines that are many times manufactured in Southeast Oklahoma, just north of Allen or in surrounding rual areas.

Allen was founded in 1870, like many towns north of Houston and Dallas, because of the railroad trade going north to the rest of the nation. In fact, Allen is the site of the first known Texas Train Robbery, which was led by the Sam Bass gang in 1878.

Allen's population is 84,246 in the 2010 census, but has probably grown faster than many of the suburbs of Dallas County. With approximately 14,000 households in Allen, over have of them have children at home, so shools and drug prevention activities are important and need everyone's support and cooperation.

There are some affluent neighborhoods where Tony Dorsett and others with financial means find it close enough to Dallas, but still rural and less hectic.

Allen has about 200 DUI arrest per year and clost to 260 drug-related arrest. Most of the outpatient treatment for the area is located in neighboring Plano or Dallas. Allen is part of Collin County of Texas, which is known by those that have been charged with illicit drug offices as a "place where you don't want to be facing drug charges". Staff of Texas Drug Rehabs has testified in Collin County Courts and would concur with that comment. To find specific laws that govern DWI and DUI offenses in Texas

Other cities in Texas have a bigger cocaine and crack problem then Allen, but there are still those issues within Cullin County. The two most frequently sited criminal charges in Cullin County as of the first month in January, 2013 is a shocking 1893 arrest for the possession of marijuana and 1641 DUIs. This is as of January 24, 2013, less than a month into the year. These numbers come from: and may not be accurate.

When checking on these figures under the FBI stats, there were a little over 1000 drug conviction for the year of 2000. However the monthly figure are arrest.

Mexican black tar heroin is the most prevalent form of heroin available in Allen and most other parts of Texas. Heroin is plentiful in Dallas, especially in the southern part of the city.

Methamphetamine is always a problem in rural communities in North Texas from meth labs are plentiful and the US 75 corridor brings in drugs from Mexico.

Marijuana: Mexican grown marijuana remains readily available throughout Texas. In Allen, as you can see from the arrest records above, marijuana is the most prevalent drug of choice among those that seeking alcohol and drugs to escape their lives.

The use of club drugs in Allen isn't as high as it is in more urban cities, like Dallas and Houston, and, at this time, we couldn't find any reliable statistics for this category of drugs of abuse.

The pharmaceutical drugs of choice in Allen is similar to most other surburban areas including Lortab, Hydrocodone, Xanax, Codeine, Diazepam, Oxycodone, methadone, and morphine. Prescription forgery and doctor shopping remain the primary methods by which pharmaceutical drugs are procured in North Texas.

In Allen as everywhere in Texas, Alcohol is the number one problem in terms of addictive drugs. The stats on DUI is evidence of this problem and even though the police have cracked down on DWI/DUI arrest

Drug Rehab that addresses the individual needs and uses the biophysical model has been proven to be the most effective form of residential treatment. However, it isn't the only type with successes and the best answer is to call Mac at our Toll-Free number and let his 35+ years of experience and the fact that he has reviewed over 150 rehab centers work to your advantage in finding the most appropriate center in Allen or the surrounding area. In fact, the largest biophysical program is within two hour drive of Allen, Texas.

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