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In the heart of Denison, Texas, you will find the Eisenhower Birthplace State Historical Site. Presient Eisenhower was the 34th President of the United States. He was knows as "Ike" and his campaign slogan was "I like Ike", and most everyone did. He was born in 1890 and his father worked for the railroad. The preserved house contains period antiques indicative of the lifestyles of the time. The site is on six acres of scenic woods with a creek bottomland. President Eisenhower was a progressive republican, that today would be considered a liberal.

He was a World War II hero and came back to America that needed to recover from the effects and cost of the War. He is famous for many things, but needing to get veterans working, he instituted the Interstate Highway system and was responsible for promoting the GI bill that helped returning soldiers go to college. Many historians contribute the growth and prosperity of the United States in the 1950s to his efforts to rebuild the country. Faced with large unemployment and national debt, he was smart enough to invest in America rather than cut back on spending. We could use that type of support today!

It is comforting to walk back in time and visit this State Park and see how different life was in the late 19th century. Today it is, unfortunately, a different scene, as it is all across America. No communities are left in the prestein condition that they were in the 1950's.

In 2011, Denison Schools proposed that alll students that are engaged in sports will be drug-tested, which was a reactin to the steroids and other drugs that are so prevalent in our school campuses today.

Cocaine is the number one illicit drug that is responsible for Texans entering treatment and it is not different in Denison. It is a major problem because of the natural border with Mexico and the tremendous drug trade that happens south of Denison, along the Mexican border.

Being a rural community, Denison has the typical problem of meth labs with the raw products coming from Mexico and as Oklahoma laws became more strict, many moved across the border to Denison and Sherman Texas area. Most of the Ice and Methamphetamines are made in Mexico, but there are many local labs throughout this area as well.

Heroin is not a major problem in this area, but there are many that are addicted to opiates, especially OxiContin and pharmaceutical sources of opiates. Actually, hydrocodone is a bigger problem than is oxycodone or methadone in this part of Texas.

Cheese is a mixture of heroin and with Tylenol PM and has been reported in the Dallas Schools, which is a little over one hour from Denison or Sherman, Texas. Young people are drawn to "lean", which is a slang term for codeine cough syrup.

GHB and GBL are a big problem in Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex area.

The description of drug use and abuse in Denison and Sherman, Texas areas of North Texas are not that much different than they are in the in Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex area. The area is always in need of Pro-Social activities for its youth and there are many that contribute their time and money to helping with these activities in this area of Texas.

However, if you have someone in your family that you suspect is abusing any drugs and would like to consult with our licensed counselors, call is at any time and if we can't talk to you at that time, we will arrange a more appropriate time to discuss your problem.

Our Director has been a leader in the alcohol and drug rehab and prevention field for over 35 years. In that time he was responsible for building community-based prevention programs and activities that keep young people involved in socially acceptable and productive activities, which is the best alternative to combatting the enticement of drugs for youth and adolescents.

Marijuana is still a gateway drug and even though many people are becoming very reasonable about this drug, the long-term effects of its use are detrimental to the continued prosperity of our children and communities.

It is definitely a different time than when Ike was growing up in Denison. It is doubtful that he was tempted to use marijuana, much less meth or a list of other alternatives that are available today.

One can no longer rely on the public schools or the local churches to handle the drug problems in our communities. It is up to each of us to do our part. That might mean that you contribute your money or time in proven, worthwhile alternative activities, or at least become more aware of the issues so that you can talk intelligently to your children and neighbors about the problem.

If you are interested in having our Director as a Speaker at any of your local functions, he will be happy to share his knowledge and inspiration in helping your communities overcome the drug problems. It takes all of us to make this a Drug Free Community! He resides within two hours of the Denison and Sherman area and can be contacted through this website.

If you are in need of a good alcohol or drug rehab facility, you are lucky that there is one only two hours north of Denison and Sherman, Texas. Feel free to call us and we will enducate you about your choices.

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Detox Centers in and Around the Denison, Sherman and Durant Areas

(These listing are only suggested because of location and not recommended)

HCI of Denison

2301 South Austin

(903) 464-0727

Lakes Regional MH/MR

(903) 892-8185

1117 Gallagher Drive
Sherman, TX

Alcoholic Services of Texoma Inc

(903) 868-2123

2415 Texoma Parkway
Sherman, TX

Texoma Medical Center

(903) 416-3000x3010

2601 Cornerstone Drive
Sherman, TX

Shekinah Counseling Services

(580) 924-6358

4310 West University Street
Durant, OK

Premier Family Life and Treatment Ctr

(580) 931-9973

1314 West Evergreen Street
Durant, OK

Kiamichi Council on Alcoholism and

(580) 924-6692

307 West Elm Street
Durant, OK

Mental Health and Subst Abuse Ctrs of

(580) 924-7330

1001 West Main Street
Durant, OK