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If you are seeking an alcohol or other drug rehab or treatment center in Abilene, Texas, it is suggested that you call our alcohol and drug counselors at 888-781-7060 to see what modality of alcohol or drug rehab in Abilene or elsewhere is most appropriate for your specific condition.

Abilene, like most cities in Texas and actually throughout the U.S. where treatments have been mostly disappointing to their clients and the famlies that invest in them. The experience of shopping for alcohol or drug treatment is much like buying a used car, with many frustrations and few wins.

When you, or a loved one is taking the time and money to enter drug rehab, it should be based on what is effective at levels far above 10%. We have alcohol and drug rehab centers that routinely get 75% success. Any drug rehab or medical procedure with outcomes above 70% is considered to be a complete handling of the condition.

Abilene is located off of Interstate 20, 150 miles West of Fort Worth. The city has approximately 160,000 residents. Abilene was established by cattlemen in 1881 as the endpoint of the Chislohm Trail. Abilene is best known for its three outstanding Christian universities, Abilene Christian University, Hardin-Simmons University, and McMurray University.

Abilene is a peaceful city that would be thought of as not having an alcohol and drug problem, however, since alcohol and drugs are addictive and since they are everywhere, Abilene has its share of alcohol and drug problems.

One of the problems faced by all communities is having alcohol and drug treatment programs that are effective and, unfortunately, our research of the existing rehab centers in Abilene shows similar results found in most rehab centers, around 5-10%. There are alternatives outside of the city and you should call our Texas Drug Rehabs office at 888-781-7060 to better understand why it would be essential to seek treatment elsewhere. As a rule of thumb, it is always better to do residential treatment away from one's home and familiar contacts. Everyone knows the feeling of relief that comes when you take a vacation away from your area. Someone getting help at home will feel constrained and inhabited both consciously and unconsciously. It is found that those who only change their location will give a patient better outcomes, even if nothing else is changed.

Cocaine, particularly crack cocaine, is a serious problem in all communities since it is being brought into Abilene via Interstate 20. Cocaine is the primary illicit drug for which Texan, throughout the state, enter treatment and it is a major problem on the border with Mexico. Abilene is in better stead that most of the larger cities in Texas, but there are still cocaine and crack problems within the city. All across Texas, a rock of crack costs $10–$50, with $10–$20 being the most common price.

Other cities in Texas have a bigger cocaine and crack problems, but if you are the one with the problem, it is as big as anywhere and you need to get help.

Mexican black tar heroin is the most prevalent form of heroin available in Abilene and surrounding areas. Heroin is plentiful in the larger cities where three to four balloons of good quality heroin sell for under $25. It's hard to believe that heroin is prevalent in Abilene, but if you talk to anyone that is using it in your city, you will see that getting it isn't a problem as long as you have the money and somehow, those addicted to heroin find the money to get their next fix.

Methamphetamine has lately been a huge problem in rural communities in Texas from meth labs imported from Mexico. The imported meth or crystal meth rages in purity from 9% to 26%. Locally produced methamphetamine is often of a higher purity level, and many times has a purity level of 90%. Crystal meth is being sold in Abilene for $90 per gram and more. Some research shows that crystal meth costs $500­$1,000/ounce in central Texas. Most people in Abilene have heard about the meth epidemic in their city because the news is full of stories about home-meth labs being busted and arrest being made. Don't trust the drugs that are made in someone garage... drugs are dangerous enough without addiing other toxins to poison your body.

Marijuana: Mexican grown marijuana remains readily available throughout Texas. In Abilene, marijuana is probably the most prevalent drug of choice among those that seeking alcohol and drugs to escape their lives. Recently, many towns in Texas, the size of Abilene, are experiencing growing numbers of youth that believe that marijuana is a safe drug and since it is prescribed in other states by physicians, they more easily justify their and abuse of marijuana. Families that are knowing that their children are experimenting or using marijuana, should call our counselors to find out the TRUTH about marijuana.

In doing assessments of those that have grown up in Abilene, we find that almost everyone that has a DUI or other reasons for an assessment have a high school history of using marijuana. It is like a right-of-passage with youth today, but many do not stop using and it is a major reason why young adults are failing in the work-place and in college.

The use of club drugs in Abilene isn't as high as it is in more urban cities, like Austin and Houston, but there is still a population of Club Drug users at the universities. The primary source for the drug is Canada, but ecstasy also comes in from Mexico. LSD is certainly a dangerous drug threat to the youth in Abilene and sells for as little as $5 to $7 a hit.

The pharmaceutical drugs of choice in Abilene include Lortab, Hydrocodone, Xanax, Codeine, Diazepam, Oxycodone, methadone, and morphine. Prescription forgery and doctor shopping remain the primary methods by which pharmaceutical drugs are procured in Abilene as they are in most cities in Texas.

In Abilene, Alcohol is the number one problem in terms of addictive substances. Many communities similar to Abilene are finding that wine is becoming a gateway drug since it is more acceptable to have wine with one's dinner, etc. Those people that are prone to addiction will find that this is a dangerous choice and many times leads to alcoholic behaviors.

The Solution

Drug Rehab that addresses the individual through a biophysical approach is the most successful method of treatment with a success rate over 70%. Texas Drug Rehabs will always try to get its public educated on the biophysical modality of treatment since it is by far and away the most successful alcohol and drug treatment available.

Most drug rehabs operate on the 12-step philosophy, which believes that addiction is a chronic and progressive disease. The biophysical model addresses the physical cravings in a manner that is thorough and successful, and once the psychological and emotional problems are handled, a person is free to choose a life free from alcohol and other drugs.

Our philosophy is to refer you to the best possible drug rehab center that will terminatively handle the problem. We will refer you to drug rehab centers that don't use drugs in any way.

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