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If you need an Alcohol or Drug Evaluation or Assessment, Including Alcohol Classes, in the Arlington, Texas area, Call on Our Help!

If you are seeking alcohol and/or drug treatment in Arlington, Texas, or within the Dallas/Fort Worth metorplex, it is recommended that you call MAC at 888-781-7060 to go over your particular needs.

Within a radius of 20 miles of Arlington, Texas there are 49 alcohol and drug treatment facilities available, which is almost worse than having two or three since your choices can be very confusing and the competition can make things even worse.

This is why it is important that you are on this site since it is only through the help of an experienced, licensed and certified counselor who has reviewed over 150 rehab centers and has the support of the entire PITA Group, can you be assured that you are being referred to a drug rehab center that is appropriate for your specific needs.

You can always find treatment within Arlington and surrounding areas, but it is been found that poor, or unsuccessful treatment actually interrupts ones addiction, but only temporarily and when the addict relapses, they are naturally feeling less hopeful and more reckless in their drug use. It is also recommended that anyone needing residential alcohol or drug treatment should leave their home area and seek treatment in a new geographical area. Everyone does better in terms of "thinking outside the box" when they are in a different setting and physically away from their problems.

Population (2010 census): 380,084
Race/Ethnicity : 63.2% white; 17.4% black/African American; 0.6% American Indian/Alaska Native; 0.5% Asian; 6.4% Native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander; 0.1% other race; 10.1% two or more races; 26% Hispanic/Latino (of any race)

In terms of drugs that are available in Arlington, Texas, it is save to say that Arlington is a Mecca of illicit drug trafficking. Being a part of the the Dallas, Fort Worth metorpolitian area gives anyone seeking drugs easy access to any types of illicit drugs.

Mexican heroin has always available in Arlington, with Mexican black tar heroin being the predominant form. Southeast Asian, South American, and Southwest Asian heroin are also available in Arlington but to varying extents, but much less than Mexican black tar. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), black tar heroin was the predominant type of heroin found in Arlington during 2005. An ounce of black tar heroin typically costs $1,000 in Arlington. During 2004, heroin was 50.5% pure and cost $0.27 per milligram. A major task force was established to stop the illicit drug trafficing in Arlington: Arlington's distinguished Police Chief, Dr. Theron Bowman said, "Illegal drugs threaten our children's future and the health of our communities. Regional efforts of this nature are critical in our fight against this scourge."

Marijuana is considered the most widely used illegal drug throughout Arlington. Marijuana produced in Mexico is the predominant type of marijuana available in Arlington. History shows that soldiers from Fort Bliss were arrested for marijuana use before the Second World War, showing that Arlington has had marijuana long before most of the communities in the US. The average price for a pound of commercial grade marijuana in Arlington is $200.

Methamphetamine, also known as crystal meth or meth, produced in Mexico is the predominant type of meth available in Arlington. High purity, low cost meth is widely available and abused in Arlington.

MDMA is readily available in Arlington and is frequently abused. Club drugs are sold by middle-class, suburban youth at raves, nightclubs and on college campuses. Arlington school personnel report problems with dextromethorphan (DXM) abuse. Ecstasy, rohypnol, and other pharmaceuticals are being used at rave parties in Arlington County.

Diverted pharmaceuticals in Arlington include oxycodone, hydrocodone, cough syrup with codeine, and hydromorphone. These drugs are obtained by doctor shopping, pharmacy diversion, and improper prescription practices by physicians. Oxycodone use is increasing in Arlington, but hydrocodone remains a larger problem. Morphine, Demerol, darvocet, codeine, vicodin cough syrup, and fentanyl are the major diverted pharmaceutical drugs of abuse in Arlington. If you care to look up information o fentanyl, you will see that it is listed as being 1,000 times stronger than morphine... it is certainly deadly and anyone that tries this drug needs to use extreme caution.

There are over 3,000 annual admissions to drug rehab and addiction treatment facilities in Arlington, however, due to the high relapse rate of many traditional programs, most families are searching for something that works, something with some GUARANTEES! We have programs that actually gruantee their results, so call us ad we will explain the drug rehab challenge so that you or your loved one won't be fooled into believing that they will never get well.

Drug rehab that addresses the individual through a biophysical approach is the most successful method. Our philosophy is to refer you to the best possible drug rehab center that will terminatively handle the problem. We will refer you to drug rehab centers that don't use drugs in any way.

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