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If you are in need of a Dallas Alcohol Assessment because you live in Dallas, Texas or the surrounding North Texas and you have been ordered to find someone who does Dallas alcohol assessments or drug evaluations, for a DUI or DWI or any other legal reason, you have found the best site to give you a fair Evalution or Assessment from a certified counselor with over 40 years of Clinical Experience.

If you need an Alcohol or Drug Evaluation or Assessment, Including Alcohol Classes, in the Dallas, Texas area, Call on Our Help! We have a excellent ratings in getting our clients through the maze of alcohol and drug requirements for DUI's and DWI's. We also do child custody cases and other court ordered evaluations and assessments.

We are one of the few providers that handles assessments for those who are mandated from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers. We work with law firms that specifically deal with FAA requirements to get your licenses back to you in an expedited fashion.

  • We can complete Dallas alcohol assessments in 24 hours, if needed.
  • Our fees for services are working off of your ability to pay.
  • Our Dallas Alcohol Assessments have never been refused or questioned.
  • We have the trust of the FFA to do assessments for their Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers.
  • We have done over 600 in the past four years.
  • We will make this as easy as possible for you.
  • Let us show you why we are the most trusted alcohol assessment professionals.
  • We Accept the Illinois Out-of-State Petitioner Alcohol/Drug Evaluation Uniform Report. These are difficult but We Succeed.

If you have been cited for a DUI or DWI or "minor in possession" or other charges that require you to have an alcohol and drug assessment or evaluation and you live in the Dallas, North Texas area or even as far north as Oklahoma, you should call and get advice from Mac, our licensed counselor/supervisor, who is semi-retired, but still does DWI assessments and evaluations with a 100% success in those that he has done since he started four years ago.

The competition for alcohol and drug assessments or evaluations in the Dallas alcohol assessments in the Metro Area is intense, which means that the buyer must be aware of the scams that are being run by so-called "professionals", who may or may not be certified or licensed, but they are definitely greedy and unethical. Call and we will help you identify the type of services that best fit your needs. If we can't fulfill what you need, we will help you in finding those providers that are ethical and can be trusted.

Texas has the second most DUI/DWI arrest of any state in the Nation. California has the dubious honnor of being number one, but their population is also much higher and these figures are based on total numbers of convictions. What this means for you, if you are looking for an alcohol assessment or evaluation or if you are seeking legal advice, is that you will be overwhelmed by the sheer numbes of people that are vying for you dollars.

All states are giving more DUI's and DWI's than they did in the past. They have all realized the amount of revenue that can be tapped from this resource without much risk of retaliation and other problems that come with arrest related to more serious violent crimes. Not to say that we don't think that DUI's are serious, but few of those that get DUI's or DWI's have injured anyone else in their breaking the law.

Most of our clients only have one DUI and from that experience, they will, more than likely, never get another. However, we have also had clients who have had as many as six DUI's but have gone over thirty-years without any other problems. People make mistakes and we know that the best way to keep a person from repeatedly making the same types of mistakes is to give them the information and empowerment to make changes related to their own best interest. These become lasting and permanent changes, whereas those changes that are motivated by pressure from outside the individual that needs to change usually don't last. This is certainly been the case with our public, therefore, we provide you with services that build your dignity and self-pride while giving you the honest feeling that we care for your future and helping you to never get behind the wheel again after you have had any alcohol or drugs.

As Mac said: "From my many years as a leader in the alcohol and drug field, I am never surprised when I hear about another "scam" to take advantage of those who seek alcohol and drug assessments in the Dallas area.

The politicians and others that set policy in our state and in Dallas are not seeing these data accurately. These statistics show us that dui and dwi arrest are increasing almost every year. The public is getting too many arrest that could be handled in a more efficient and less punitive manner. Even though the research shows that arrest and punitive measures are useful, they don't deter driving under the influence nearly as much as prevention, education and public awarenss program help.

Indeed the police in Dallas and surrounding areas are cracking down even harder on those that might be "eligible" for an arrest. The other short-sighted approach is to increase penalties, which has also not been proven to help the lower the recidivism of DUI's and DWI's.

It wasn't long ago that you could drive in Dallas with an open container and have a rifle in the back window of your pickup. This was a point of pride in Texas and was translated as part of your independence and freedom. Times have definitely changed in Texas and throughout the world. Mac has been in this field long enough to understand that politics of these arrest and to help you find the most effective way to change your behaviors so that you don't face similar charges ever again.

We advice you to give Mac a call and see if it doesn't make sense to let him help you.

Recently, I was at North Park to allow my wife time to shop while I did some social research.. meaning...checking out the emotional tone of the clerks and customers to assess the emotional soundness of Dallas' public.

I have always been pleased with the friendly and accepting attitude of most people and Dallas, but I hadn't compared how they are today compared to the late 1960s when I was in North Texas State and would go to North Park for the same reasons.

I am happy to say that this segment of Dallas has stayed true to its caring values and people were very willing to listen to their fellow citizens, no matter the race, and offer genuine kindness to each other. This is rare in a city the size of Dallas and especially when you add in the fact that North Park people are mostly middle class or above. I am proud of our city and not because of the Cowboys or other add-ons, but because of our citizens. DUI's and other driving-related crimes are a public health problem that can erode the trust we have in our fellow residents. Therefore, if you are facing changes related to alcohol and drug possession or driving under the influence, we have the years of experience to certainly be able to help you help yourself.

I will be happy to show you that I, too, have that willingness to help and will offer my services to give you a fair and unbiased alcohol and drug evaluation or assessment at a fair price.

Go to this page to hear what Mac has learned from other that have chosen the wrong alcohol and drug assesment and evaluation "professionals". Click Here

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