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Denton Texas Alcohol Drug Evaluations DUI DWI Assessments

If you live in Denton, Texas or the surrounding North Texas and need an Alcohol or Drug Evaluation or Assessment for a DUI or DWI or any other legal reason, you will be happy with the guidance that we can give you in getting a fast, fair and unbiased Denton Texas alcohol drug evalutions dui dwi assessments from a licensed and certified counselor with over 40 years of Clinical Experience.

If you need an Alcohol or Drug Evaluation or Assessment, Including Alcohol Classes, in the Denton, Texas area, Call on Our Help!

  • If needed, we can get your assessment done and delivered in one day.
  • We will work with you on the cost. We believe in giving everyone a fair exchage for their hard earned money. We deliver more service for your cost than any other assessment group in Texas.
  • Our Evaluations have never been rejected. Our standards are the highest in the industry. Our assessor is the past state-director of substance absue and has suprvised other evaluators.
  • Our reputation has led us to doing assessments for Pilots and air traffic controllers for the Federal Aviation Agency, (FAA).
  • We have completed over 2,600 in the past six years, and
  • We quarantee our work!

If you have been cited for a DUI or DWI or "minor in possession, MIP" or other charges in the Denton, Texas, North Texas, Oklahoma, Louisana, New Mexico or other surrounding areas, please consult with Mac, our licensed and certified counselor supervisor, who is semi-retired, but still does Denton Texas alcohol drug evaluations dui dwi assessments with a 100% success in those that he has done since he started this activity six-years ago.

Buyer Beware: Be cautious if you are told by a probation officer or some other authority to go to a certain evaluator for your assessment. You have the right to chose whomever you wish, as long as they are qualified. Over the years that we have been involved in alcohol drug evaluations, we have had the unfortunate experience of having clients that have had previous alcohol or drug assessments where they were told that they did well, but they later found out that the writen report said something completely different. We protect you by giving you approval of a draft of your assessment so that you are not surprised by the outcome.

We always send you a draft so that you can see what the courts are going to be reading about you. You are the one that contracts us and you are our clients, not the courtss or attorneys, but your are in control of your outcomes. If we feel that you need alcohol awareness classes, we will talk to you about why we made that decision and help you find the best ones available.

In the past, we have reported these unethical cases to the authorities, but the clients still had to take the classes. When you go to a used car lot, you would expect up-selling, but you wouldn't expect that from professionals... It happens.

Most assessment reports, from other agencies, are less than three pages in length. Ours are six pages and more. Not that the length is how they are judged, but we put in the time to gather all of the data that is necessary to support our findings so that our evaluation reports will be taken seriously and accepted. Mac has higher credentials than any others that we know of that are doing these types of assessments and those years of experience being the Director of a state department that oversaw the DUI and DWI evaluation and classes for New Mexico gives his reports more credence than most.

If you have an addiction problem, then Mac can lead you to the fastest and most appropriate treatment so that you don't get multiple DUIs and hurt yourself or someone else. Most people that get their first DWI or DUI will vow that they will never make a foolish mistake of that nature again and most don't! However, be sure that you are not fooling yourself with a vow that most likely can't be upheld. Let Mac apply the different assessment instruments that will she light on those areas in your life that need handling to ensure that you are not a repeat offender. Things are bad enough with one DUI or DWI... you really don't want a second or third. A license is a privilege and courts are becoming more strict, leading to persons with multiple DUI's losing this privilege and not being able to drive agin. Take the sober advice Mac has to give you so that you won't fool yourself into being a repeat offender.

The courts are be influenced by Mother's Against Drug Driving and the public health cost of driving under the influence and the penalities are becoming more strigent every year and there are fewer and fewer loopholes where judges can lower the charges, no matter how much you can contribute to political campaigns. Mac's sister-in-law was killled by a drunk driver thirty-years ago and he was given six-months of suspended driver's license. Today he would have been facing man slaughter charges.

If you have a DWI or DUI, we know that you don't want to ever be faced with this again. We will give you the data that will build your awarenss so that you can handle any weakness in your life that could set you up for failure.

Mac attended NTSU in the late sixties and he is part of their allumni, supporting the music department in particular and being proud of his alma mater. He now lives about 1.5 hours north of Denton and still does much of his shopping in the town (city) that he was so fond of in his youth. His daughter still has her Snoopy that he bought at Voertmans when he was an undergraduate. All of this is to say, that Mac is a local product that you trust to give you an ethical, imformative and accurate assessment that will be accepted by whomever needs it.

We advice you to listen to Mac and see if it doesn't make sense to let him help you.

Go to this page to hear what Mac has learned from other that have chosen the wrong alcohol and drug assesment and evaluation "professionals". Click Here

You can fill out this form and we will advice you about what assessment and evaluation options are available. Be sure to give us all of the necessary data.