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North Texas has some unique qualities that support a wonderful rural and metropolitian mix with a lifestyle that is ideal. With North Texas State University and Texas Women's University, Denton would be considered the hub of North Texas. Unfortunately, when you examine the availability of illicit drugs, you find that some of the rural peacefullness is being used to cover a multitude of crimes. Pilot Point, Gainsville and Aubry all have histories of drug manufacturing arrest. Some of the large and beautiful horse farms have been discoverd to be money laundrying from drug profits.

We don't want to discredit the efforts of those that have continually provided drug education and fought the influence of drugs in the community, but we do want to expose the reality that it is very easy for anyone in North Texas to gain access to drugs of almost any type.

The small towns of North Texas have been recognized as places where physicians are more easily influenced to provide prescriptions for opiate pain killers like, Vicodin and Oxicontin. We have received many request for opiate detox from North Texas citizens being unexpectedly addicted to the opiate pain killers that they were given for a back injury or other muscular skelaton problems.

If you feel that you or a loved one is in need of help, the PITA Group, Inc., working with Texas Drug Rehabs is the most knowledgeable resource for helping you find an appropriate form of alcohol and drug treatment that will handle this problem and allow you or your loved one to pursue the joyous side of life.

There are many drug treatment centers in and around the North Texas area, many are not going to give you the type of care that results in lasting change and an END to your addiction. Most of the alcohol and drug rehab programs in North Texas graduate about 5% of their clients to a life free of alcohol and drugs. , We have inspected drug treatment or alcohol rehabilitation centers that rountinely have outcomes in the 70-80% area.

It takes tremendous courage to admit that you are addicted to alcohol or other drugs and to submit to treatment. One is committing themselves to hard work, large financial expense and, usually only temporary and short successes. It doesn't have to be like this! There are programs that can deliver what they promise. Don't let a poorly run drug rehab program become another justification why you or your loved one isn't capable and worthy of success.

The PITA Group has been reviewing alcohol and drug treatment program in and around North Texas for over 20 years and most of those that are still open haven't kept up with the latest research on alcohol and drug treatment and they are still getting outcomes around one in ten to twenty. If this failure is you or a love one, we believe there is nothing more shameful than not doing what you are paid to do...change the addicts life once and for all in every important way.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to call our office 888-781-7060, and find out the facts about rehab centers that actually can get 100% success if the addiced person will participate and finish the program. (this doesn't include those who may have sociopathic problems, but anyone that is a decent person and has becme addicted to alcohol and drugs and really wants to reclaim their lives.... we have programs that GUARANTEE their success.

It is difficult to desccrib the alcohol and drug scene in North Texas because it is so large and diverse that it has every problem that one can associate with any other areas, like the cocaine in Florida and the heroin in New York.

With two major universities in Denton, marijuana and club drugs are a serious problem. Both NTSU and TWU have good drug-free alcohol and drug policies and alcohol and drug prevention activities, but the access to illicit drugs is still a major problem.

Texas Drug Rehabs gets calls from parents that have children in the universities of North Texas and TWU who are addicted to opiates, usually starting with a pain problem and being given hydrocodone and then progressing to OxyContin and OxyCodone and, sometimes, even to heroin.

These young students are struggling to keep their addiction a secret, keep up with their classes and attempting to withdrawal without the needed resources that can ensure their success. Most of those who do succeed at withdrawaling from opiates on their own will relapse within three to six months and be back in the same condition, except for the feeling of failure and futility.

There is only one way to ensure that you are rid of addiction and that comes from a comprehensive and thorough treatment program that makes you more capable than you were before you used drugs.

Most people waste much of their lives between craving and resisting drug use or detoxing and recovering from addiction. Don't let this problem limit your successes in life!

Alcohol and drug rehab services in the Dallas/Irving area

Greater Dallas Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse – (214) 522-8600 – Trained specialists provide telephone assistance to callers who need information on alcohol and other drugs and/or referrals to available services throughout the community.

Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (TCADA) – Toll Free 866-378-8440 - offers assistance to find outreach, screening and referral providers in your area for substance abuse anywhere in the State of Texas.

State Funded Alcohol and Drug Services

NorthSTAR Program A state supported program that provides substance abuse and other mental health services for persons with limited finances residing in Dallas, Collin, Ellis, Hunt, Kaufman, Navarro and Rockwall counties. A person must also meet certain financial requirements to qualify for this program. For more information call Value Options at (888) 800- 6799. (Similar to a state funded insurance policy for qualified persons). Applicants must have identification and proof of residency in the above listed counties.

Recovery Resources Is the Gatekeeper for public funded substance abuse and mental health services for persons with limited financial resources who live in Denton, Tarrant, or other surrounding counties that are not a part of the Northstar program. They are located at 2700 Airport Freeway Fort Worth, Texas. (877) 332-6329.

Partners for a Drug Free Texas ( Dept. of Health) Provides information on programs in other areas of Texas. (866) 378-8440

Medical Detox

Homeward Bound - 233 W. 10th Street, Dallas, TX 75208 (214)941-3500 English and Spanish Speaking – offers drug and alcohol detoxification treatment plus comprehensive inpatient and outpatient programs with counseling, support and education about the disease of addiction and the life skills needed to return to a productive life. Homeward Bound also offers assistance applying for NorthSTAR financial aid and accepts walk-ins (Monday – Friday 8AM – 11:30AM advised to get there VERY early for walk-ins). Homeward Bound does not accept pregnant females.

Solace Counseling Associate – 1475 Prudential Drive, Dallas, TX 75235 (214)522-4640 Solace Counseling offers outpatient mental health and substance abuse assistance including detoxification. They offer assistance with NorthSTAR applications and are open Monday – Friday 9AM – 4:30 PM and 12AM to 2PM on weekends.

Parkland Help and Hospital System – Infant Intervention Program – Located at Parkland Hospital, 5201 Harry Hines Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75235 (214)590-6832 Parkland Help and Hospital System – Infant Intervention Program offers detoxification and inpatient care for pregnant females with substance abuse problems.

Residential Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation

Nexus Recovery Center – 8733 La Prada, Dallas, TX 75208 (214)941-3500 Nexus is a female only substance abuse center that also accepts pregnant females - Nexus provides recovery and sustained independence from alcohol and drug abuse for disadvantaged women, including women with children and adolescent girls. Nexus can accommodate the children of women in residential or in-patient treatment. Nexus normally requires an appointment but may except some walk-ins on Monday at 8AM.

Homeward Bound - 233 W. 10th Street, Dallas, TX 75208 (214)941-3500 (See Above)

Turtle Creek Manor – 2707 Routh St., Dallas, TX 75201 (214)871-2496 English and Spanish Speaking: Turtle Creek Manor offers short and long tern residential/in-patient and outpatient treatment for men and women. They also have special programs and groups for persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse, persons with HIV/AIDS and pregnant women.

Help is Possible: 723 S. Peak, Dallas, TX (214) 827-2870 Help is Possible offers residential/inpatient short-term and long-term treatment and outpatient programs for men.

Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab

First Step Counseling (3 locations): 219B Sunset Ave., #101, Dallas, TX 75208 (214)942-8808 13610 Midway Rd., #241, Dallas, TX 75244 (972)239-4440 900 E. Park Blvd # 152, Plano, TX 75074 (972)633-5544 First Step Counseling offers dual diagnosis rehabilitation with a focus on substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation.

Remedy Addictions Counselors (2 locations): 1400 W. Irving Blvd. #100, Irving, TX 75208 (972)253-0000 4915 Gus Thomasson Rd. #1, Dallas, TX 75288 (214)324-5400 Remedy Addictions Counselors offers a Christian based substance abuse treatment services. They also have special programs and groups for adolescents, seniors, HIV/AIDS, pregnant women as well as criminal justice clients.

Legacy Counseling: 4054 McKinney Ave. # 102, Dallas, TX 75243 (214)520-6308

Legacy Counseling offers comprehensive mental health care, a substance abuse program and emotional support for people impacted by HIV and AIDS.

New Beginnings: 2510 Electronic Lane, Dallas, TX 75220 (214)350-1188

The Road to Recovery: 9304 Forest Lane # 269 N. Dallas, TX 75243 (214)503-3764

Salud Counseling: 2760 W. Davis, Dallas, TX 75228 (214)330-7950 Salud Counseling offers services for Spanish speaking patients.

Centro De Mi Salud: 628 Centre St., Dallas, TX 75208 (214)941-0798 Centro De Mi Salud offers services for Spanish speaking patients.

Galaxy Center: 1025 S. Jupiter Rd., Garland, TX 75042 (972)272-4429 Galaxy Center offers services in both English and Spanish.

DrugrRehab that addresses the individual through a biophysical approach is the most successful method. Our philosophy is to refer you to the best possible drug rehab center that will terminatively handle the problem. We will refer you to drug rehab centers that don't use drugs in any way.

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