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If you have a legal problem in Oklahoma, We can Help YOU!

  • Need an Alcohol or Drug Assessment or Evaluation?
  • Need Professional Evaluations and Quickly?
  • Get a Licensed Evaluator to Assess Your Addiction Potential Using the SASSI-4, ASI, TADD, MAST and other
  • Probation/Court Ordered Alcohol and Drug Assessments
  • Qualified ADSAC DUI/DWI Evaluations
  • Court Testimony, as needed

WELCOME TO Texas Drug Rehab's ALCOHOL AND DRUG EVALUATION AND ASSESSMENT PAGE specifically for those who have a legal problem in Oklahoma. A Licensed Professional Will Perform an Assessment Using the Appropriate Evaluative Instrument to satisfy probation/parole, courts, employers or families ...This can all be done at your home using Skype for an electronic face-to-face interview with a detailed evaluation report sent to you the same or following day. Our evaluation are backed by 25 years of experience with the highest level of licensed alcohol and drug counselors who are also certified supervisors of other evaluators and counselors. Our evaluations have never had any legitmate concerns regaring our outcomes and recommendations.

Our Credentials Speak For Themselves. Our evaluator is licensed in the state of Oklahoma, Certified in Texas, In the past, he was certified by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety to do ADSAC Assessments and is a member of the Acedemy of Certified Social Workers, nationally.

If you are living in Texas and need an Oklahoma ADSAC assessment, you do not have to meet the strigent regulations that are mandated for those living in Oklahoma. You fall under Texas law. Call us and we will tell you what is wanted and needed to get approval of the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety so that they will release the hold on your license, keeping the DMV in Texas from being able to issue you a Texas driver's license.

Be very careful of getting evaluations from less qualified or unlicensed examiners. You want the truth and not someone trying to sell you continued need for more classes or other services. Call for a Free Consultation. We are dedicated to giving you the benefit of the doubt. Here you are innocent unless, together, we decide otherwise.

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If you need an alcohol or drug assessment for a DUI/DWI or for other legal or employment issues, please call me and I will give you the best evaluation attainable anywhere.

Alcohol and oil don't mix and neither do Alcohol, Police and the Law and Driving!