Rehab Resume

Texas Drug Rehab Resume


Texas Drug Rehabs is a website dedicated to providing information and assistance for anyone with alcohol and other drug concerns or issues.

Along with the PITA Group, Inc., a non-profit organization that has been providing alcohol and drug prevention and rehab consulting, certification and program evaluation for over twenty years, Texas Drug Rehabs provides accurate information to help the public and other professionals stay informed on the latest innovations and recommendations in a field that has divergent ideas on the best practices that lead to optimum outcomes.

It is our experience that finding the truth regarding addictions can be confusing to the public and even to professionals in this field. Most websites are opinions of web-designers who do not have academic and professional experience to substantiate their claims.

This site is the compliation of over 35 years of research and leadership in the alcohol and other drug field.

Mac has done the research which has enabled our organization to know which therapeutic practices are effective and which ones comprimize one's ability to completely handle addiction problems.

Mac's training and experience include:

  • The University of Texas Health Sciences Center
  • Baylor College of Medicine
  • Texas Southern University
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of Texas at El Paso
  • University of Colorado School of Medicine
  • Directorship of Community-based Prevention Programs
  • Director of the State of New Mexico's Substance Abuse Department
  • Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor
  • Surveyor of over 150 Residential Drug Treatment Centers
  • Program Evaluation and Outcome Studies
  • A Backgroud as a Biochemist in the Physiology of Addiction
  • Interventionist
  • University Continuing Education Instructor
  • Private Counseling Practice
  • Vice-President of 31 free-standing Medical Clinics
  • Detox Research Specialist
  • Executive Director of Three Residential Rehab Facilities
  • International Treatment Consultant

From this vast experience, Mac, provides callers to Texas Drug Rehabs with effective treatment placements, detox information, prevention consulation and brief telephone counseling to help the public find dependable resources for their addiction concerns.

If you talk to Mac, you can be assured that you are getting accurate data from years of hands-on experience. Someone that has handled addiction problems for his patients and for loved ones in his family.

Texas Drug Rehabs is proud of Mac's contribution to the alcohol and other drug prevention and rehab field and we are pleased to have a voice in helping to bring stable and sane ideas into a field that has, too often, been driven by profits and non-scientific myths rather than dependable outcome oriented treatment and prevention practices.

You can be assured that information from Texas Drug is truthful, intellectually accurate, and driven by the knowledge that addiction is curable and no one needs to have the idea that it is a disease of relapse or other excuses used by programs that need justifications for their poor performance.

The PITA Group provides this service to help families find sensible solutions that solve individual and family problems and to bring awareness to the facts that effective treatment is demanding, hard work that deserves the support of our organzation and others. The PITA Group is highly critical of programs that intice enrollement by promising unrealistic outcomes which leads to the idea that "treatment doesn't work".

Good comprehensive treatment DEFINITELY works, but those rehab centers that are motivated by their numbers of patients and their bottom lines have caused irreputalbe harm and pain to our families and add to the hardship that addiction causes to our society as a whole.

Mac and the PITA Group, Inc. invite you to learn from our materials,. This website is designed to give you as much correct data as possible within this type of format, but the real answers to your questions and problems are best served by calling our counselors.

Call us anytime at 888-781-7060!