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If you are looking for San Antonio Texas alcohol drug evaluations dui dwi assessments, then you have found the best services available.

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  • One of the few places that will do the Illinois Out-of-State Petitioner Alcohol/Drug Evaluation Uniform Report

If you have been cited for a DUI or DWI in San Antonio or surrounding areas or anywhere in Texas, New Mexico or Oklahoma, you should call and get advice from Mac, our licensed counselor supervisor, who is semi-retired, but still does DWI assessments and evaluations and does them in an ethical manner that puts you first and doesn't assume that you have a problem. He uses the ASI, the SASSI-3, and are able to do the MAPP, the MAST, and the TAAD, depending on the scope of the assessment. Mac is a past ADSAC certified evaluator for Oklahoma and understands the rules related to releasing any holds you might have from Oklahoma, Illinois or other states

We gurantee that you will be glad that you talked to a professional from Texas that knows what is wanted and needed.

You can't just find someone in the YellowPages that can be trusted. We have redone many assessments where the client went for the cheapest price and, at the end, was required to take classes and counseling that he/she would have never needed if they would have come her first.

The courts are impressed with our evaluations and there are many that can attest to their satisfaction. Mac is semi-retired, he can afford to do evaluations, and that means you get an assessment that is well received by the courts or probation becasue it is thorough, done at a level of professional expertise that is higher than they are accustomed to seeing. In the Spring of 2019, Mac had two DUI's reduced to Reckless Driving becasue of the manner in which he emphasized the strengths and abilities of the offenders and made the case that their offences were judgment errors and not indicators of abuse, dependency or reckless disreguard for the law.

If you have an addiction problem, then Mac can lead you to the fastest and most appropriate treatment so that you don't get multiple DUIs and hurt yourself or someone else.

If you just made a judgement error and got caught, Mac can discern the difference and will protect you from those that will make you and your loved ones believe that you have a chronic and progressive addictive disease and need hours and years of help.

Texas has a driving-under the influence problem and Mac has worked his entire professinal life to help address this issue, but most people that get their first, and only DUI or DWI, made a poor judgement and do not repeat their mistake. It doesn't mean that they have a chronic alcohol addiction problem. If you got a DUI/DWI, you have already seen that it has changed the way you related to drinking and certainly changed the fact that you will never drive under the influence again. That is the most common reaction and most people live by that resolution.

Call and talk to the wisdome and sanity that comes from a seasoned professional who gets his personal rewards from helping others learn from their mistakes and better their lives and their relationships. Mac never invalidates his clients and, instead, builds on their strengths and minimizes their weakness. If there are areas in ones' life that need improvement, Mac will guide your through the information and treatment you need, if that is the case. Mac will never over-diagnose your problem.

If you are involved in a Custody dispute and the courts have told you that you both need an alcohol and drug assessment or evaluation, then Mac is the person that you need. He has seen what attorneys can do to people that may have had a past alcohol problem, and in the custody dispute, they are trying to make it look as though you are an unfit parent. Don't let the past rule your future! Let the science of a good evaluation speak to the truth and allow you the rights that you should have to be a parent without restrictions because of a past issue that is no longer a problem.

Other evaluators are not always looking for a way to make the most out of your bad luck, but their lack of expreience and working in a program that offers many other services slants their point-of-view and many people that get evaluations from these types of programs are enrolled in classes and counseling that they might not need.

We believe that you can learn from your mistakes and unless you are compulsively addicted and can't make rational decisions, then most of the learning and education about what you have done has already happened.

We advice you to listen to Mac and see if it doesn't make sense to let him help you.

Call now at 888-781-7060 and see for yourself.