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Spice Drug

Spice is a Designer Drug that is Killing Our Children

Synthetic marijuana products, like Spice and K2 first appeared on our markets arround 2000 and there was high interest in finding out if it is a synthetic THC or cannabis or is it a mimmic of the effects of marijuana.

This kind of approach to a drug is not where Texas Drug Rehabs finds much value. We are interested in whether or not the drug is addicting and are the effects of the drug hurting the user.

Of course, we pretty much new the answer to this questions since all drugs are alien substances to the body and the body sees them a poisons. However, since Spice first came on the market and we started seeing people in treatment that were using this "legal" drug on a chronic and compulsive level, we have histories of many that wished that they had never started using Spice.Â

We realize that the people that we see in treatment are those that are abusing the drug and are not, what might be called, casual users, but everyone that we have talked to that has used the drug has stories that end with psychotic episodes and usually being committed to a three-day psychiatric observation and psychiatric medications.Â

There are original studies that suggest that synthetic marijuana intoxication is directly associated with psychosis, a worsening of any existing psychosis and the propensity to bring latent psychosis out in people that were able to maintain a stable reality before the use of the drug.

One of the problems with Spice and K2 is that many are fooled by its marketing, which is planned to be deceptive. It has been marketed as a herbal incense, which is not how it is used, but only an attempt to stay under the radar of being a designer drug. Â

This marketing has been successful and by 2009 synthetic cannabis was found in 21different countries.Â

Everything that you read about the safety of the drug usually states that there are no official studies have been conducted on its effects on humans. Well, our organization can tell you that our studies are not scientific, but if you care about your own sanity or that of your loved ones, don't be fooled into believing that this drug will be harmless.

As stated above, we have interviewed many in long-term residential treatment that have abused most of the street drugs and they will all say that what was their real down fall was the use of Spice. This drug caused them to line up at the "head shops" with others, awaiting for them to open so that they could be their daily supply. They told us that they couldn't sleep without the drug and they couldn't think clearly without it. However, everyone of them also stated that it soon brought them to their knees and they wished that they never had tried this drug.

One young man said that he used it everyday to get through college, but when it would come to his finals, he couldn't remember most of what he had learned.Â

What we can tell you is that there aren't any safe drugs! PERIOD!

Just because Spice may be easier to get doesn't have any bearing on whether you should be foolish enough to use this drug.

If you think about how tenuous one's mental stability can be, you don't want to be using anything that will add to the risk that you may not be able to control your thoughts and feelings. On the whole, drugs do rob us of that ability, but the exchange is usually that we can be content with a feeling of euphoria and not dysphoria or miserable thoughts and feelings.

One many told us that the psych drug that he was given to come down off of spice was worse than the effects from Spice. This drug caused the person to be catatonic and his body got ridgid and stiff and he was in extremely pain. All of this as a result of using a "safe" synthetic drug?

If you have experiences that you would like to share with our readers and the public related to the use of synthetic cannabis, please fill out the following form and let us know.