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It is our hope to be ablle to provide alcohol and drug related news that isn't about shootings or arrest or other crimes related to drugs, but a resource where you can find activities and trainings that will help your communities in their efforts to combat the alcohol and drug abuse in your area. We will do our best, but we have a form at the bottom of the page where you can send us information that we will post on this page.

It is posted on the Texas Single State Agency's website that you can attend a training on April 8, 2013. This is one of the more recent postings and yet, this is being read and written on January 22, 2014. There must be more relavent data than this?

The Director of Texas Drug is the past Director of New Mexico's Single State Agency. Each state has an SSA to contract with communities in their state to provide alcohol and drug treatment and prevention services. A majority of the money comes from the Block Grants provided by the federal government with some matching monies from the states. The amount that any state is alotted is based on their population, so New Mexico receives much less than Texas, but there are only about 1.5 million people in New Mexico.

If you are interested in getting some of this money for your communities, the state will inform you as to the RFP (Request for Proposal) process and you can compete for some of those dollars. If you are interested in obtaining some of these funds and need technical assistance, the PITA Group, can assist you at 888.781.7060.

In Texas contact:

Physical address:

Department of State Health Services
Contracts Management Unit – Substance Abuse
909 West 45th Street, Building 552
Mail Code 2058
Austin, Texas 78751 ...

Mailing address:

Department of State Health Services
Contracts Management Unit – Substance Abuse
Mail Code 2058
P.O. Box 149347
Austin, Texas 78714-9347... to find out about the RFP process in your state.

They list this email address for reports and information: SubstanceAbuse.


In light of the fact that most of the news that is issued related to drugs has to do with crime and unless the crime has some social value, we are not going to be reporting those types of stories, but we will have information that is valuable to the readers.

Just recently, there was are report issued by the University of New Haven Connecticut that marijuana has other chemicals that may cause health problems, even in states like Colorado and Washington, where marijuana is legal. Researchers found that marijauna many times contains e. coli, and other bacteris, molds and pesticides and insecticides. Since it is being grown in areas that do not have FDA supervision and since there is not oversight in its manufacturing, it is found that these contaninants are sometimes causing other lung infections and other health problems.

THC, the active chemical in marijuana that causes the nervous changes that give the user the "high" robs the nerve cells of magnesium which is vital for nerve transmission, and that is one of the reasons that many people have psychotic reactions to the smoking of marijuana.

To further explore how America is changing in its relationship to marijuana, Colorado's law passed on Jan. 1 2014 that makes it legal to buy marijauna a certain retailers for "recreational" use.. I am guessing that means to get loaded. Washington state as the same. Perhaps the use of marijuana shouldn't be a criminal offense, but to make it available for retail sales is bound to increase the avaiability to teenagers and other children that usually don't have the maturity wherewithal to be responsible.

Question: What Are the Chances That Marijuana Will Become Legal In Texas?

Answer: This website isn't a proponent for legalized marijuana nor is current on the legal debate that is going on in most states about the legalization of marijuana "legitimate medical" purposes. There may be a need for THC, the compound in marijuana that is responsible for the drugged feeling that comes from smoking marijuana, but it is our judgement that if this is needed, there needs to be a better way to administer this drug than allowing "marijuana shops" to sell smokeable marijuana to anyone that gets a prescription for the drug.

Colorado passed a law in 2000 that allowed for the sale for marijuana for medicinal purposes. At that time there were 5,000 people that were using marijuana under this new law. In 2010, there were 170,000 people that were prescribed marijuana. Either there were a lot of people that were suffering from headaches and other reasons why marijuana is used before 2000, or, we can assume that there are many, many more people now smoking marijuana for whatever reasons they may have.

Along with this rapid raise in the use of marijuana, the culture in Colorado is also thinking differently about marijuana than they did before it was legalized. We get calls from parents whose teenagers are smoking marijuana and they are having trouble telling their kids that it isn't good for them because they all say that it is a medicine and not a drug. We are having enough problems with our education system today without adding a drugged population to the mix. For that and many more reasons, Texas Drug Rehabs is not in favor of the legalization of marijuana in Texas, or elsewhere, for that matter.

With so many people needing drug rehab in Texas and the limited amount of alcohol and drug treatment beds available, we don't need to create a population of others that need these services. Drug treatment experts will tell you that many hard-core drug addicts started their drug use with marijuana, which is a gateway drug to further addiction and problems. If you have been smoking marijuana, you are not operating with as much brightness as you could have been without marijuana in you system. Learn more HERE.

Caffeine can now be dangerous

It has been reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) that people are buying powdered caffeine on the Internet and snorting or even injecting it. As most of us know, the current youth to 30-something have been very addicted to caffeine, spending much of their free time and too much of the money at Starbucks or buying Red Bull and may other caffeine loaded drinks. It used to be that Mountain Dew was the drink with the highest concentration of caffeine, but there are many others with much more today.

Now that you can buy pure caffeine, it is a bigger problem and life-threatening. the Food and Drug Administration FDA issued a safety advisory in July, 2014 because of reports of pure caffeine powder being purchased to help lose weight and other "speed-type" effects but being lethal. a teaspoon of pure caffeine is equal to twenty-five cups of coffee, which is considered a lethal amount. Besides death, severe caffeine overdoses cause many health problems, such as erratic heartbeat, seizures, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms that are much more dangerous that drinking too much coffee or Red Bull. Parents and consumers need to be aware of how dangerous this drug can be.